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How the Ordering System works

Kidsmill baby furniture is sold on a commission-only structure, as follows:

  • Kidsmill furniture transactions are made between the end-user and Anstel, facilitated by you as the retailer/sales agent
  • Likewise, all payments for purchases are made by the end-user to Anstel
  • As the retailer/sales agent, you receive a commission on sales made by you
  • Sales commission is credited/paid to you upon completion of each order according to the agreed terms

To support this structure, all orders for Kidsmill furniture need to be placed via the Kidsmill Order Portal, kidsmill.dearportal.com.
This is important so that we can not only capture the client’s details required for the sale & fulfilment, but also in order to allocate your commission.




  1. Login to kidsmill.dearportal.com with your details. If you have not been granted access to this portal, you can request this here
  2. Select the product/s the client would like to purchase and Add to Cart.
    Note: You need to create individual orders for each client; stock orders cannot be processed via this portal.

  3. Once the purchase is complete, click the shopping cart icon. Check all details are correct and select Checkout.
    Note: to apply any applicable promotions or discounts, click Apply Coupon and enter the Coupon Code > Apply Coupon, BEFORE selecting Checkout.

  4. Checkout procedure:
      Leave these details unchanged, as any changes will affect your account details in our records

      • DO NOT CHANGE the existing shipping details for your account details, as this will change your delivery address in our records.
      • If you require delivery to your store (not available for Nursery Packages), leave these details unchanged (unless your store delivery address is incorrect)
      • To select our Home Delivery & Assembly Service (Nursery packages only), select “Ship To Different Company”, and enter the client’s details as follows:
        • Company: leave this blank
        • Contact: enter the client’s full name
        • Address details: enter the client’s nominated delivery address

      • Select the desired shipping arrangement based on the order:
        • Home Delivery & Assembly (only available with Nursery Packages)
        • Delivery to Store (Cot-only orders)
        • Home Delivery (Cot-only or Chest-only orders) - additional $60.00

    • Step 4: PAYMENT METHOD
      Select your client’s desired payment option
      • Pay in full now by Credit Card > upon Order Confirmation it will open a credit card payment window, where the client can complete payment by credit card
      • 30% Deposit… > please call Anstel on 03 8459 2750 (weekdays) to process a partial payment as this cannot be made via the order portal. For sales taken on weekends, proceed with the order confirmation and we will call your client on Monday to take payment.

    • Step 5: CONFIRM ORDER
      • Purchase Order #: enter a meaningful reference for your records. We recommend using your client’s name
      • Contact Phone: enter the client’s contact number, to liaise for payment and delivery requirements
      • Preferred Delivery Date: enter the approximate delivery date which your client would like to take delivery. This can be changed later if required.
      • Add Notes About Your Order: please enter your client’s email address, for communication regarding Order Confirmation, Purchase Receipt, and Delivery & Assembly booking confirmation.
      • Once all details are correctly entered, click Confirm Order to finalise the order.
      • If you selected the payment option to Pay now in full, a payment window will pop up where the client can make credit card payment.
      • If you selected the payment option of 30% deposit, please call Anstel on 03 8459 2750, and advise you wish to pay a deposit on a Kidsmill order. You will need to refer to the Order number (beginning with SO…) which is showing on the checkout screen



From here on, we'll liaise directly with the client to confirm delivery date & time, any specific requirements, and to process any further payments.
You will be included in all email communication with the client.

Once the client's order has been fulfilled, your commission will be calculated and credited/paid to you according to the agreed terms.


Thanks for your cooperation, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:

03 9131 6545